Everything There Is to Know About Alaskan King Beds

Those looking for a large mattress often consider only the King or California King, but the oversize mattress options do not end there. Clocking in with dimensions of nine feet by nine feet, the Alaskan King bed provides plenty of room for however many people (or animals) need to share the bed. In this case, bigger can truly be better.

Dimensions of an Alaskan King Bed

The Alaskan King bed is one of the largest mattress options, with dimensions of 9’ by 9’, or 108” by 108”. No matter how you look at it, the Alaskan King bed is huge and provides plenty of room.

When looking at the dimensions of the Alaskan King, it is clear that, unlike most standard mattresses that are rectangular, the Alaskan King bed is square in shape, ensuring that you have just as much room on either side of you as you do for your feet.

Who is an Alaskan King Bed for?

The large size of the Alaskan King bed makes it an excellent option for many, although the following individuals, in particular, benefit from the extra space.


The Alaskan King bed is an excellent option for families as it provides ample space for everyone to gather together and not just fit, but fit comfortably. With the Alaskan King bed, you don’t have to worry about squeezing in or finding an elbow in your side as you try to relax. There’s room for everyone, so you can all enjoy each other’s company.

This makes them especially appealing to those with younger children. With the space offered by the Alaskan King bed, children who are frightened during the night can easily climb into bed with their parents and receive the comfort of knowing that their parents are on either side of them, protecting them. This need for extra comfort will no longer be a problem for parents as their child will comfortably fit between them without anyone needing to sacrifice space.

Even more, those who co-sleep with their children will no longer find that a restless sleeper disturbs them during the night, since there is more than enough room for any tossing and turning that may occur. Anyone who has gotten hit during the night from someone turning over too closely knows just how valuable this extra space can be.

Pet Owners

Pet parents who let their pets sleep on the bed also benefit from the Alaskan King Bed, as there is plenty of room by their feet for their pets to spread out without having to sleep in odd positions with their knees bent and body curled up. Sleep comfortably with your pets in the bed with you and enjoy the bond that comes from sharing a bed.

People Who Are Tall

As a bed that is nine feet in length, the Alaskan King bed is also immensely appealing for those who are taller and may struggle to fit in standard bed sizes.

With an Alaskan King bed, gone are the days when your feet hang over the edge of the bed. Instead, your whole body can easily fit on the mattress, allowing you to find more comfortable and supportive sleeping positions.

Light Sleepers and Couples

Are you a light sleeper? The Alaskan King bed may also be a perfect option for you, especially if you share the bed with someone who gets up during the night or sleeps restlessly. With the Alaskan King Bed, there is so much room available that you and your partner can comfortably share a bed without the movement from one waking the other.

Ordering Sheets for Alaskan King Beds

While the mattress itself dictates the amount of room you have and the support you receive while sleeping, sheets are crucial for maintaining cleanliness and adding another level of comfort.

Compared to the standard King bed, the Alaskan King is 32” longer and 28” wider, meaning king sheets stand no chance of fitting on this type of bed.

Because of this, you will need to order sheets that are specific for an Alaskan King bed. This mattress type is not one of the standard varieties, though, so it may be harder to find sheets, and your options may be more limited. However, many people searching for a larger bed find this to be a reasonable challenge and not severe enough to discourage using this type of mattress.

Fitting The Alaskan King into Your Room

By this point, it should be clear that the Alaskan King bed is huge, which can make fitting it into a room a daunting concern. This is for a good reason since the standard room size is 11’x12’, which will not comfortably fit the Alaskan King.

In general, you want to ensure a few feet of space on each side of your mattress so that everyone can easily get into the bed, and you do not have to worry about banging into anything while navigating the room. Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not want your entire room to be the mattress. Taking these two things into consideration, rooms that are, at minimum, 13’ by 13’, are best for the Alaskan King bed.

Yet another thing to remember with the Alaskan King mattress is the matter of getting it into your room. This type of mattress will come in a package that, once opened, allows the mattress to expand out into its full size. However, it’s essential to wait until the mattress is inside the room that it will be placed in before opening the box; otherwise, you may find some difficulty in getting the fully-opened Alaskan King bed through the doorway.

The Alaskan King Bed: A Big Space for all

The Alaskan King bed offers a 9’ by 9’ space for families, couples, and pets to comfortably gather together. As one of the largest mattress options, the Alaskan King offers ample space for everyone to fit without disturbing others.

Your sleeping needs are unique for you and your family, and the Alaskan King mattress can offer the space you need to sleep comfortably. If you want to try the Alaskan King bed, check out Big Mattress Co. to get started on your best night of sleep.

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