Oversized Mattress Buying Guide

While standard bed sizes (Twin, Queen, King) are familiar to most, but many are unaware that even bigger mattresses are available. This does not come as a surprise given that these giant mattresses, called Oversized Mattresses (so termed because they are larger than the conventional mattress sizes) are only sold by a small number of retailers.

A best kept secret, the business of oversized mattresses has not been popularized until most recently. But now the secret is out—oversized mattresses are more readily available and come in various larger sizes compared to their standard mattress counterparts, with widths up to 144 inches and lengths that reach up to 108 inches (if you’re doing the math, yeah that’s pretty big!).

Despite oversized mattresses being difficult to come by at local mattress suppliers, and the fact that accommodating a mattress of their sheer size in a bedroom might take a little bit of extra planning, oversized mattresses are becoming more and more of a go-to choice for many.

Families are now opting for oversized mattresses to fit their family size, perhaps as an ideal set up for movie night with the kids and family dog all comfortably nestled together. Others are choosing oversized mattresses simply because it better fits their sleep movement behavior, or other preferences such as size or personal sleep space.

What are the different types of oversized mattresses?

Essentially, the difference between the types of oversized mattresses boils down to dimensions. Some are long, some are very wide, and others are huge and square-shaped. Choosing between them is dependent mostly on family size (number of children, pets, etc.), accommodation, accessibility, and, of course, personal preference in the department of sleep space.

Let’s take a look at the four major types of oversized mattresses:

The Wyoming King Bed is the smallest and perhaps most popular choice among oversized mattresses. Because it leans more towards the smaller types of oversized mattresses, the Wyoming King Bed is a perfect choice for a couple, or even a small family of three, who want to fill the bedroom space in a smart and comfortable way. This type is the most adequate choice for parents who like to co-sleep with their child or pet.

By way of comparison, the Wyoming King Bed is 4 inches longer and 8 inches wider than a King (which measures 76” wide and 80” long). Thanks to its square shape and its relatively small dimensions (84” x 84”), this mattress is able to comfortably fit inside a parental bedroom without necessarily eating away at the room space. It's size does not pose a problem either when it comes to getting in through doors or transporting it up and down the stairways.

The Texas King Bed is a perfect mattress for people who enjoy stretching their legs downward without risking dangling them overboard. Its rectangular shape (80” x 98”) provides a long and comfortable area of leg room that can just as easily accommodate a cat or dog at the base without any disturbance during a change of position at night.

Although this mattress is a little narrower than the Wyoming bed, it more than makes up for it with the extra 14 inches of length. It is ideal for tall, stretchy sleepers but not the most suitable choice for large families with children or multiple pets because of its relatively narrow width.

Check out 7' 2" Beau Brown discuss how he went from a Cal King to a Texas King below!

The Vermont King Bed is a perfect mattress for people who enjoy extra sprawl space. Its square shape (96” x 96”)provides a long and wide area for leg room that can just as easily accommodate a cat or dog at the base without any disturbance during a change of position at night.

Ideal for 2-3 adult sleepers, or families co-sleeping with both children and pets, this extra roomy oversized bed provides plenty of sleep space. It’s expansive width is great for fitting little ones between parents, with plenty of length for the dog or cat down below.

As its name suggests, Family Beds are specifically designed to fit an entire family, no matter how large it is. With its rectangular dimension of (120" x 80") inches and, a Family Bed consists of a perfect mattress that prioritizes width over length in order to accommodate the family members in a comfortable and relaxed way.

The particularity of this type of oversized mattress is that it is often customizable, as some retailers are able to make Family Beds even wider than 144 inches.

The biggest and most obvious downside to Family Beds is that they are difficult to accommodate for most houses as they can only fit inside a very large room. Additionally, Family Beds are on the more expensive side of oversized mattresses.

This Alaskan King Bed is nothing short of gigantic. It is (108" x 108") inches and it is designed to fit a large family of 5 or even more who like to co-sleep with pet's.

Another great benefit is you can easily switch your sleeping position without risking to invade your husband, wife or pet's personal space. The large amount of room in these beds makes them ideal for couples who have diverse sleep habits and different sleeping schedules, i.e. waking and sleeping at different hours.

How many pets will an Alaskan King bed fit? Take a look for yourself below!

As its name suggests, the Family Bed XL is specifically designed to fit an entire family and multiple pets.   With its rectangular dimension of (144" x 84"), a Family Bed XL consists of a perfect mattress that prioritizes width over length in order to accommodate family members and multiple pets in a comfortable and relaxed way.

Just like the Family Bed, the biggest and most obvious downside is that they are difficult to accommodate for most houses as they can only fit inside a very large room. Additionally, Family Beds XL tend to be the most expensive of oversized mattresses.

How many pets will a Family Bed XL fit? Take a look for yourself below!

How to choose your oversized mattress?

The process of picking up the right oversized mattress for you can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing with so many choices available in the market, so here are a few factors to pay attention to when deciding to get that oversized mattress you’ve been dreaming about.

Bedroom dimension:

The most important question you need to find an answer to is “will it fit in the room?” It is crucial to measure the space in which you intend to put the mattress in advance to avoid any disappointment when the oversized mattress arrives. Do not leave anything to chance, include your other furniture and make sure that you will be able to comfortably move around the room.


Since they are significantly larger than the standard mattresses, oversized mattresses will require financing plans of their own. You could plan everything in advance and look at prices including that of the accessories. This will help you to determine whether it is affordable or not.

Sleeping Partners:

How many people will be sharing the mattress? Will your furry companion be included? These are questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on any oversized mattress type. It is also important to consider the sleeping position and the general size and height of your sleeping partners so that the actual sleeping experience is comfortable with enough personal space to stretch.

You could rely on the provided descriptions above to help you make up your mind.

Where can you buy sheets & accessories for these oversized beds?

It is fairly easy to find bed sheets and accessories for oversized mattresses online. You can search for online stores that offer oversized sets, or order custom made bed sheets, duvets and bed frames. However, this process could take more than the usual delivery time since it will need to be manufactured.

The accessories can be selected according to your taste as well, and the internet is full of options. You could look for an online store or go to any local stores and get the cushions, throw blankets, and the big comfy pillows that might suit your preferences.

Deciding to buy an oversized mattress is an important decision; however it will surely be a rewarding investment through which you’ll be able to share a cozy bed with your partner, your children and your favorite pet all while still having a room to stretch and enjoy a good night of sleep.

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Frequestly asked questions

How much does an Alaskan King Mattress Cost?

Alaskan king mattresses range in price from $3500 up to $7000 or more. It all depends on the materials used, foundation and shipping costs.

Where can I buy an Alaskan King Bed?

Alaskan kings are typically made to order, so they are found mostly online and not in stores.

What are the dimensions of a Alaskan King Bed?

Alaskan King Beds are 108" x 108" or 9' x 9'

How many people fit in an Alaskan King Bed?

Up to four adults, or fewer adults with children and/or pets.

How big does my room need to be to fit an Alaskan King Bed?

Your bedroom should be at least 16’ x 16’. It’s recommended that in order to fit a standard King, your bedroom be at least 12’x 12’.

Do Alaskan King Beds come with a foundation?

Not all companies sell a foundation with the mattress. But typically, Alaskan King foundations come in either two or four pieces.

Where can I find Alaskan King bed sheets?

Most Alaskan King bed retailers with be able to supply custom made bedding, including sheets, duvets and pillow cases.

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