Alberta King vs Alaskan King Bed

Gone are the days when your only mattress options were twin, queen, and king. Nowadays, the sizes of mattresses, especially those of the king variety, have continued to expand to account for the larger space that families and individuals enjoy when relaxing on their beds.

While there are many subtypes of king beds, including Wyoming King, California King, and Texas King, the two that we will be focusing on today are the Alberta King and the Alaskan King. Let’s dive in to explore the differences between these two mattresses so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Alberta King vs. Alaskan King Mattress Size

Of the two, the Alaskan king bed will be bigger than the Alberta king bed by a foot in each direction. In terms of dimensions, the Alberta king is 8x8 feet, and the Alaskan king is 9x9 feet.

As you can tell, both of these mattresses are square-shaped and look and fit well in most bedrooms.

Who benefits from the Alaskan King & the Alberta King

These mattresses are an excellent option for families since they provide plenty of space for everyone to fit. In fact, these mattresses can comfortably fit two adults and one to two children. And that’s not even accounting for the pets that can find space at the foot of the bed where there is also extra room.

These types of beds are perfect for allowing family bonding. They also offer the space needed for anxious children to seek refuge with their parents without sacrificing the comfort of everyone in the bed.

Besides families, individuals who are taller benefit from a longer bed, as it allows them to fully spread out their legs with no worries of their feet hanging over the side of the mattress. Turning from side it side is also easier as there is more room available to do so.

Couples, too, can benefit from the Alberta and Alaskan king beds since they provide them the opportunity to spread out and not be on top of each other. For those couples that worry about waking their partner during the night with any movement of the bed, these mattresses are perfect because there is plenty of room to ensure that your movements do not wake your partner, or vice versa.

Can you use regular king sheets?

The size of a regular king bed is 76” x 80”. With the Alberta king measuring dimensions of 8’ x 8’ and the Alaskan king with dimensions of 9’ x 9’, regular king size sheets will not fit on your Alberta or Alaskan king beds. To better put the size differences of these mattresses into perspective, the Alberta King bed is 20” longer and 16” wider than a standard king bed, and the Alaskan king adds an additional foot in each direction, so it is 32” longer and 28” wider than a standard king bed.

Because of this, you will have to order sheets specific for this style, whether that may be Alaskan King or Alberta King. Since these mattresses are not of the standard variety, you may have a more challenging time finding sheets.

What size room fits these mattresses?

As with any large object, there is always the concern of how it can fit into the room, especially if you do not have large doors to accommodate it. However, that does not need to be an issue of concern because these mattresses are typically shipped folded in a box that can easily fit through standard doorways, making it easy for you to get it into your room. Once it’s in your room, simply open the box, and your mattress will expand and fold out into its full size.

However, while doorways are not an issue, you will want to make sure that your room is big enough to accommodate these mattresses. The standard room size is 11x12, but this room will not fit the Alberta King mattress, so be sure that your room is big enough. Since these mattresses are on the larger size, you want to make sure that you have enough room, at least a 13x13 space, for them to fit comfortably in so that your whole room is not solely comprised of the mattress.

The challenges of the Alberta King Bed

While the Alaskan king bed is the larger bed option, it is more common than the Alberta King bed, meaning it will be more challenging to find sheets and mattress covers that fit the Alberta King.

This might not matter too much, but some individuals might be frustrated by how hard it is to find sheets they like, in both texture and color.

In some cases, this bed type may be so rare that you have to order made-to-order sheets and covers, which, as expected, can be quite expensive. This doesn’t even include the bed frame itself, which may also be a custom job. Essentially, if you plan to get an Alberta king bed, be prepared to need a custom order for everything associated with it.

The final comparison

Both of these beds are larger than your typical bed, so they are both beneficial for families or individuals looking for some more mattress space. However, the Alaskan king is a foot longer and wider than the Alberta king, so for those looking for the biggest possible mattress, the Alaskan King is what you need. If you want a big mattress but don’t have the space in your bedroom for the Alaskan King, the Alberta King is a suitable option that is still a big bed but not as big as the Alaskan.

Perhaps the most crucial consideration when choosing between the mattresses involves how simple you want the process to be involving mattress accessories. The Alberta King is not as common of a mattress, so for many things, you will need to get customization, which can increase the price while also requiring more effort from you.

Be sure to weigh these pros and cons before choosing your mattress, but no matter what you choose, you are sure to enjoy the greater amount of mattress space and comfort provided to you, your partner, and your family.

Frequently asked questions

How much does an Alberta King mattress cost?

Alberta king mattresses range in price from $3599 up to $4399 or more. It all depends on the materials used, height, and technology in the mattress.

Where can I buy an Alberta King Bed?

Alberta King Beds are typically made to order, so they are found mostly online and not in stores.

What are the dimensions of an Alberta King Bed?

The dimensions for an Alberta King Bed are 96" x 96".

How many people fit in an Alberta King Bed?

Up to four adults, or fewer adults with children and/or pets.

How big does my room need to be to fit an Alberta King Bed?

Your bedroom should be at least 14’ x 14’. It’s recommended that in order to fit a standard King, your bedroom be at least 12’ x 12’.

Do Alberta King Beds come with a foundation?

Not all companies sell a foundation with the mattress. But typically, Alberta King foundations come in either two or four pieces.

Where can I find Alberta King bed sheets

Most Alberta King bed retailers will be able to supply custom made bedding. Which includes sheets, duvet covers, and inserts.

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