Everything There Is To Know About Family Beds

Are you looking for a comfortable place that’s big enough to accommodate your whole family, and perhaps even some pets? Look no further than the Family Bed, aptly named because this large mattress was designed with dimensions to give your whole family enough room to sleep, relax, and make memories that last a lifetime.

Family Bed Dimensions

For those with a large family that enjoy the idea of cuddling all together on the same bed, whether that is while sleeping at night or having a movie night, the standard King bed is generally not going to offer enough room. The solution? The Family Bed.

With dimensions of 120” x 80”, the Family Bed differs from most standard mattresses in that its width is longer than its length. While still a rectangular mattress, unlike the Alaskan or Wyoming King, the Family Bed’s longer width is what allows it to accommodate more individuals without having to match the space length-wise.

Family Bed XL: An Even Bigger Option

Need something even bigger than the family bed? Check out the Family Bed XL. Adding an extra two feet to the width and 4 inches to the length, bringing its dimensions to 144” x 84”, this mattress far exceeds any other mattress option in terms of available space.

Keep in mind, though, with more space also comes a higher price point, so you want to make sure that you would benefit from the Family Bed XL before opting for it.

Why Should You Consider Family Beds?

Interested in the Family Bed and Family Bed XL, but not sure if they’re right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this bed.

Family Intimacy

The greatest benefit of the Family Bed is the relationship boost seen from having the entire family sleep together. Children feel more secure knowing their parents are nearby, and parents get the added comfort of knowing they can easily monitor their children during the night.

Not only that, but having a Family Bed can increase intimacy while awake, too, as it allows for a place where everyone can connect after their day and bond further as a family.

Better Sleep

While the Family Bed is not the only mattress in which parents and their children can fit, it is undoubtedly one of the only ones where everyone can fit comfortably. Nothing disturbs sleep more than an elbow slamming into your ribs during the night as someone turns in their sleep, jolting you out of your slumber. However, the Family Bed addresses that issue.

Being the widest bed options, the Family Bed and Family Bed XL offer enough room for everyone to have their own place to sleep, meaning everyone can sleep better. Adding to your good night of sleep is also knowing that your family is all in the same room as you, allowing parents to fall asleep with less worries.

More Than A Sleeping Option

While the Family Bed is an excellent mattress for sleeping at night, many families may decide to place it elsewhere in their homes. For instance, many people may opt to use the Family Bed in a basement or living room, instead, to offer a larger lounging area than couches can permit.

While just as comfortable as a couch, the Family Bed allows everyone to gather together for movie night comfortably, further fostering that family unit you’re in search of.

The Ideal Room for Family Beds

Because of how large this mattress type is, you’ll want to make sure that it can fit into your room before purchasing it. Part of this involves ensuring that you have enough room to walk around the bed and place other pieces of bedroom furniture within the room.

For the Family Bed and Family Bed XL, it’s recommended to have a room that is at least 17’ x 12’, although you may want an even wider room for the Family Bed XL.

When it comes to the Family Bed, since it is so large, you will need to wait to open it until it is in the room it is intended for, especially if it is going in a bedroom. If you open the mattress before putting it in your bedroom, it will not be able to fit through the doorframe because of how large it is. For those placing the Family Bed in a living room, though, this might not be as much of a concern.

Purchasing Sheets for the Family Beds

Both the Family Bed and Family Bed XL are two unique mattress sizes, meaning you won’t be able to find sheets for them at a general department store. Instead, these sheets often need to be purchased from retailers specializing in this mattress type, which generally includes those selling the mattress.

While the smaller amount of sellers providing these sheets will limit your available options, many consumers view this small challenge as worth it in regard to the comfort they receive from this oversized bed.

The Family Bed: Fostering Intimacy and Comfort

The Family Bed is the perfect offering for families looking to have a place where everyone can relax, sleep, and hang out. And for larger families, the Family Bed XL offers even more room.

With the largest mattress dimensions available, the Family Bed ensures that your children can comfortably sleep with you at night without sacrificing space and comfort.

If you’re ready to see how your family can benefit from this mattress option, try the Family Bed or Family Bed XL from Big Mattress Co.

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