Texas King Bed Size Guide

There are many reasons someone may want a large mattress, and when most people consider the largest mattress possibility their mind typically goes to the California King. However, many mattress sizes exceed the California King, with one of these options being the Texas King.

Of all the oversized mattresses, the Texas King undoubtedly has the most unique dimensions because it retains a rectangular shape, unlike the Wyoming King or Alaska King, which can make it easier to fit in a room while still giving extra space for those who are taller.

King Mattress Comparisons

Let’s compare the different mattress sizes to see how the Texas King falls in line.

King Mattress (76" x 80")

The King mattress is a standard size meant to accommodate two people. While they are a much smaller size than the “location” king beds, they are easier to fit into a room.

California King Mattress (72" x 84")

While California Kings are often considered larger than a regular King mattress, they actually have a smaller square footage. This is because they add four inches to their length but lose four inches in their width. However, these dimensions make them a more appealing choice for tall people who want more space for their legs but have a narrower space available for the bed.

Texas King Mattress (80" x 98")

As the last rectangular mattress option, the Texas King is also the largest. It offers a wider mattress than the California King with an extra eight inches. It also adds fourteen inches to the length of the bed, offering a mattress that gives the extra room those who are taller need.

Check out a video from 7'2" Beau Brown below.

Wyoming King Mattress (84" x 84")

Moving onto the square beds, these take up more space in the bedroom but can be appealing for those with children who like to join their parents in the bed.

While the Wyoming King Mattress is wider than the Texas King, it does not come close to the length of the Texas King as a whole 14” shorter.

Alaskan King Mattress (108" x 108")

As the largest mattress option, The Alaska King is also the hardest to fit into a bedroom, especially since it is a square bed and is long in both directions.

In fact, the Alaska King may even be as large as some people’s bedrooms, making it a tricky bed to fit into a room.

However, for those who can fit it, the Alaska King offers more than enough room for a family and their pets to fit on the bed all together.

The Benefits of a Texas King

Now that we have seen a comparison of all the different king mattress options, let’s take a look at the benefits specifically offered by the Texas King.

Longer Length

The most obvious benefit of the Texas King Mattress is that it offers a long length of 98”, which can easily fit even those who were too tall for any other bed. No longer does someone’s feet need to hang off the bed because their body doesn’t fit.

Offers More Width

While it does not offer a width comparable to the Wyoming King or the Alaska King mattresses, the Texas King does offer a greater width than the other rectangular mattresses.

This leaves more room for a couple sharing a bed, which can result in fewer nighttime disturbances since movement by your partner will not wake you as often.

For parents, the extra space is also perfect for children who like to crawl into the bed with you, still offering everyone enough room to lie down comfortably.

More Easily Fits in a Room

Not only does the Texas King offer a longer length, but it also does not have a large width, like the square mattresses do.

This means that the Texas King Bed is easier to fit into a room since it does not take up as much square footage. It also makes the Texas King more appealing since many rooms are rectangular in size, which makes this rectangular bed a greater, and more visually appealing, fit.

Great For Pet Parents

The Texas King is great for more than just those who are tall. The longer length also leaves more room for pets (if you allow your pet on the bed at night). With the extra space, you will no longer have to contort your body into an uncomfortable position around your pets, as they will have enough room at the end of the bed to still let your legs extend fully.

Fill Out a Bigger Room

For those with a bigger room, especially in one direction, the Texas King mattress can help fill it out and keep your room from looking empty.

Some Considerations

If you are interested in a Texas King Mattress due to its extra-large size and ability to accommodate taller people, families, and pets, it is crucial to keep a few things in mind.


The Texas King mattress is larger than the King or California King, which may make it harder to bring into a room and set up. Before purchasing this mattress, ensure that your doorways can accommodate whatever size package the Texas King mattress comes in.

Room Size

As with the doorways, it is also important to make sure that there is enough room in your bedroom for the Texas King mattress since it is a larger option. In general, you will want at least two feet on either side of this mattress to keep things comfortable and easy to move around, so your room should be at least 104” wide or long.

Buying Sheets

Unlike the standard bed sizes of twin, queen, king, and California king, the Texas King is a custom size, which can make finding bedding more challenging. This also means that, when shopping for bedding, your options may be more limited.

Many people agree that this is worth the extra space afforded by the Texas King, but it is something to keep in mind.

Try a Texas King Mattress

For those who are 6 ½ feet or taller or looking for extra room in the bed for children or pets, the Texas King is an option that provides extra length but is not as wide as the square mattress options, often making it easier to fit into a room. If you need extra length in your bed, but do not have as much room for the width, the Texas King might be the perfect mattress for you.

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