A Healthier Planet For All

Big Mattress Co. is committed to sustainable practices. We've worked hard to establish best-practices with both our employees and the planet at the forefront. The path to sustainability is a trail we've always been on.

Green Conscious

Solar Powered

We are proud to say our facilities operate off of 100% solar electricity, generated on the roof of our very own facility. As one of the largest rooftop solar installations in the state of Vermont, we are helping propel Vermont’s energy goals while having enough to give back to other Vermonters.

big mattress co factory
cutting mattress fabric

Handcrafted & Affordable

Lean Manufacturing

For us, recycling materials in our production process made sense from the beginning, so we adopted a lean manufacturing approach. This means we aim to reuse and recycle our fabrics and foam materials wherever possible in our process. Not only is this healthier for the environment, but it also keeps the cost of a mattress lower for you. Talk about a win-win.  


Resourceful Design

Replaceable and Recyclable Materials

We set out to construct our mattress with components that are easily accessible, removable, and sometimes, even washable. This way, if something is malfunctioning or your cover becomes stained, there is no need to toss the entire mattress. Instead, we easily send a replacement piece for free under the warranty, which extends the life of your mattress, your budget, and our planet.

breakapart showing mattress technology

Higher Standards

Health Conscious Materials

In our FDA registered facility, every mattress is assembled carefully by hand. We utilize non-irritating fabrics and materials, so that you and your mind can rest easy. We have always manufactured mattresses free of formaldehyde, fire-retardant chemicals, CFC’s, or phthalates.